About us – Ollas Timmerstugor

A living craft tradition

Log homes have been built in the same manner for hundreds of years and the way we build by hand today is nearly the same as craftsmen did back then.

New technique – Old traditions

Changes have been made to adapt for today’s functionality and modern materials. For example we now use new and better insulation materials. But a hand crafted log home is still manufactured log by log by knowledgeable professional carpenters who shape the logs into construction element with exact fit.

From log to house

We carefully choose every tree before chopping it down and transporting it to the sawmill. In our own sawmill we shape the logs to the right dimension. The remainders from the log manufacturing are used as other construction material. The joints used are of the type “Siljan” which are hand carved to have the perfect fit so that the joint is leak tight. All log homes are carved log by log at one of our construction areas and after being marked it is dismantled and delivered to the final location where it is mounted.

Standard or special

Building with log gives a good opportunity to use your own ideas. Under house examples we show a sample of our most common standard homes, but our manufacturing is not tied to prefabricated standard elements or mass production. If you have a drawing or an idea of your dream house, please contact us and let us help you make your dream come true.

Non – polluting

Our ambition is to be a non – polluting company and at the same time manage and develop the old Swedish traditions of handicraft building log homes with high quality.

Log feeling and economy

For most people logs stand for something genuine, old-fashioned and reliable. A well built log home can stand for more than 500 years and it’s beauty just increases in time. Do you want to live in a house that gives you the real log feeling and at the same time has a low energy consumption? A house that will bring pleasure to you and generations to come.